timber fence & gateTimber slat screens and fences are a great way to add that “something” to you entertaining area or property in general!

Decking Melbourne offers a wide range of slatted timber screens and fences to suit your needs.

Types of timber slats come in varying thickness and widths and many choices of timber including…

    • Silvertop Ash/Stringybark – yellow, pale brown, pink.

retaining wall

  • River Reds – varying reds.
  • Jarrah – red, brown.
  • Spotted Gum – brown, green, orange.
  • Black Butt – medium brown, yellow.
  • Iron Bark – grey, brown, some red.

We can also supply gates and install side gates to suit any fence required.

To receive a free, no obligation quote on your screen, fence or gate project, please send us an email stating the following and we will get back to you with estimate asap.

  • height & length of the screen.
  • width of the gate and how many.
  • the type of timber you would like.

Screen Designs & Images