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  • A site inspection has been completed
  • Discussion with yourself regarding project changes or extras

—————————— Decking Melbourne Quote Form ——————————

1. What type of decking timber would like? – Timber has been ordered based on price of low to high:
Treated Pine
– yellow, pale brown, pink.
– red, brown.
– brown, green, orange.
– medium brown, yellow.
– grey, brown, some red.
1a We also offer recycled decking in Silverop Ash, Stringybark, Ironbark & Spotted Gum – if interested in any of these please add this request to the comments section below.
1b We no longer use, offer nor support building with Merbau decking due to enviromental factors, for further information regarding this please visit merbau decking – unsustainable.
2. Underneath the proposed decking is there currently:
3. Is the area under the proposed decking:
4. How high off the ground will the decking be:
5. Is there existing decking to be removed:
6. Size of proposed decking in square meters – Example, 6m length X 4m width = 24:
7. Would you like the sides of the deck to be covered with the same decking timber or barge boards?:
Same decking timber – square metres for the sides required (height of deck x length of all sides that require covering)?:
Barge boards – square metres for the sides required (height of deck x length of all sides that require covering)?:
8. What type of handrail would you like/do you require? All decking above 1 metre require hand rails by law. (if you do not require a handrail, please leave this and the next section blank):
Hardwood handrail/stainless steel wire balustrade – metres required?:
Hardwood handrail/timber slat balustrade – metres required?:
9. Steps – these can be built using the same decking timber you choose or treated pine. (if you do not require steps, please leave this and the next three sections blank):
Steps built from the same decking timber – number of steps?:
Steps built from treated pine – number of steps?:
10. Stain – would you like your deck stained?:
a) Your Name:
b) Email Address: please insure you add your email!
c) Job Address:
d) Suburb:
e) Postcode:
f) Phone Number:
g) Mobile:
h) Best time to call:
i) On approximately what date are you looking to have this job started?:
j) Comments – Other Information: